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Gain access to our specialized engineers build software that works. Create cost-effective and faster time-to-market solutions through utilizing an agile scrum methodology that drives innovation and enhances operational efficiency.

Gain the benefits of onshore and offshore development with fewer risks and challenges while taking advantage of overlapping time zones, reduced language and cultural barriers, and lower costs with highly educated workforce.

Ensure AWS is a strategic asset that drives your business' success. As an AWS Partner, we enable organizations to harness the full power of AWS through cost savings, scalability, enhanced security, increased flexibility, and expert support.

Enhance collaboration and flexibility, allowing for rapid adaptation to changes. These small, cross-functional teams drive efficiency, foster innovation, and accelerate product development. Agile PODs promote agility, enhance team ownership, and drive success.

Staffing and Recruiting

Access a wide pool of talented professionals, leverage specialized expertise, reduce recruitment costs, increase flexibility, and focus on core business functions while ensuring efficient and timely acquisition of skilled technical personnel.

Learning and Development

Leverage instructional designers, e-learning developers, and trainers to reduce costs and increase scalability. Accelerate timelines, ensures high-quality content, and allow internal teams to focus on core activities.

What Our Clients Say


Mike Ply, Director of Application Development

I highly recommend Bravo LT; Bravo LT consistently provides the people and the know how to help Spectrum Health develop technology solutions that work.

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