How I Spent My Summer Vacation

In the contracting world, it’s pretty common for client work to slow down in the warmer months. Summertime is a welcome reprieve from the brutally cold Michigan winters, so I don’t exactly blame clients for wanting to enjoy a little time outside of the office! In fact, as a self-proclaimed beach bum, I, too, find myself distracted by a hot and sunny day when Lake Michigan is above 70 degrees.

During these slower months, I view my downtime as an opportunity to learn new things. In between those moments of dreamily gazing out the window at the perfectly blue sky, I’m actually quite productive exploring new techniques and technologies!

This summer in particular, I’ve spent my time researching mobile learning development, a field rapidly growing in importance and popularity in the learning community. And in my hunt, I’ve come across a game-changing new authoring tool: Adapt. So, what’s so innovative about it? Well, first of all, it’s a free, intuitive, and open-source web application. But even better, it excels in responsive design, expertly creating learning modules that play well with mobile devices of all makes and models—something that is really important these days.

Thanks to the time I’ve been able to invest in my professional development, I’ve since become proficient in Adapt and now feel confident in my abilities to offer this service to our clients and provide new opportunities to engage learners on their mobile devices at their moment of need! Whether we’re creating a traditional e-learning course, mobile course, or a mobile performance support option, we have the ability to engage learners who may not have the ability to sit in a classroom for traditional training.

My story is just one example of why it’s beneficial to partner with the Bravo LT team. We love what we do and always strive to gain expertise in new technologies and methodologies, keeping our clients up to speed with new solutions to business problems.

If you’re interested in how Bravo LT can help you meet your mobile learning needs, drop us a line—but don’t forget to spend some time outside while the weather’s still nice!