Google I/O Extended Recap


About a month and half ago we weren’t sure Google I/O Extended was going to happen. We met with Dan, Sam, and Dan of the Grand Rapids Google Developer Group and they willingly passed the I/O Extended torch to Bravo. They’ve done an amazing job hosting a spectacular event for local developers over the past 5 years.

With 40 days to plan an event of this magnitude, we knew we were pure crazy. It was only possible because of the support of the local community. West Michigan companies quickly stepped up to the plate to support I/O Extended. We’re grateful for generous sponsorship from Google Developer Group Grand Rapids, Gordon Food Service, Spectrum Health, Start Garden, MEDC SmartZone, Byrne Electrical, and Neo4j.

This summer’s Google I/O Extended was held at the Grand Rapids Chamber. (If you’re looking for a classy event space for your next gig, be sure to connect with Tori. Working with her was fabulous.)

The day began with speaker Mark Andrews, from Neo4j who shared an “Intro To Graphs and Neo4j”. Next up our software developer, Matthew Underhill, presented on OpenCV and the “Notion of Motion Tracking”. Three of our software developers participated in a lightning round and shared quick presentations. Sam Berry talked about Free Programming and the power of a positive mindset. Ed Devires shared a great code demonstration on “Getting Started with Nullable Reference Types in C# 8”. Matt Armand shared a talk called, “Scrum is not a Skateboard”. Several alternate titles for his talk were: “Matt Vents to a Sympathetic Audience,” “Matt Rants to a Captive Audience,” or, “How He Learned to Stop Worrying and Re-Frame Misplaced Messaging.” The last local talk for the day was given by our software developer, Dave Schoutens, who provided a deep dive into several unique features of Git.

As always, Google brought a lot to the table through their live steam, which filled much of the afternoon. We’re grateful to Google for the awesome giveaways they provided for our local event.

The after party, sponsored by Start Garden and MEDC SmartZone, was hosted at Uccello’s downtown.

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the event. We couldn’t have done this without you or the support of Team Bravo!