Google I/O Extended


This summer’s Google I/O Extended was held at the Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids. Bravo LT was excited to participate as a Gold Sponsor and host several talks as well as the Game of Drones Code Challenge.

Google brought a lot to the table through their livestream event. Many were amazed to see the Google Assistant make a phone call to book a restaurant on behalf of the user. Google was also quite focused on #DigitalWellbeing so everyone can enjoy technology that improves life and doesn’t distract from it, which seems like an important initiative. They’re certainly reimagining many Google tools to increase the quality of life.

One of our project managers discussed the benefits of Lean Agile principles in enterprise environments. Our Salseforce Analyst and Developer, Michael Haberlein, led a talk on the Salesforce Google partnership, and the current capabilities it makes possible. Several of our Senior Software Engineers walked attendees through Bravo LT’s 2018 Code Challenge and shared the game play boundaries. Many talented developers submitted code for Game of Drones and we had a ruckus time watching each developer’s code go head to head in the challenge. With an entry like ‘SkyNet’, how could we not be on the edge of our seats?

We loved the opportunity to meet many local developers, IT leads, managers, and more during speed networking. It was great to continue the conversations over a tasty lunch, provided by the Knickerbocker.