Bravo Open Source Symposium

Bravo Open Source Symposium

October 26, November 2, 9, and 16 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Event Description:

BOSS 2015 explores specific open source topics, to include:

  1. Data Grids: To Infinispan and Beyond (Day 1)
  2. Introduction to Docker (Day 2)
  3. Maven for Power Users (Day 3)
  4. Introduction to Clojure (Day 4)

This free four-day symposium, held on alternating Mondays in September and October, features highly interactive training sessions to include the following delivery methods: traditional lecture and demonstration, video, case studies, hands-on activities and group discussion.

Who Should Attend?

BOSS welcomes anyone who’s passionate about open source, including: developers and programmers, architects, engineers, designers, system admins, business and system analysts, IT managers and IT directors.

Event Speakers:

Dave Schoutens, Senior Java Developer

Mike Nishizawa, Lead Senior Software Developer

Ryan Graffy, Lead Senior Software Developer


Bravo LT | 660 Cascade West Parkway SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49546